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“We worked with Debby on both the sell and buy side. The Newton market is unpredictable and extremely hard to get everything off your checklist, but thanks to Debby’s patience we were able to do just that. Working with Debby felt like working with a family member who cared. She never rushed us and in a few months knew exactly what we were looking for so even before houses hit the market she told us about potential opportunities.

“Debby is extremely caring, diligent yet profoundly professional. She offers sound advice and lets her clients decide.

“We would recommend her highly!”

-- Arun & Kay, June 2022

"From start to finish you went above and beyond.  Your guidance, perspective, and expertise at the beginning of the process set the groundwork for an outstanding outcome.  I was a trusted advisor on the outside looking in (albeit at times you may have felt like I was on the inside!) and from my perspective you were fantastic…your recommendations on, and coordination of, what work to do on the house, how to stage the property, the professional photo shot, the pricing, the listing, the open houses and the strategic negotiation of the counter offer...just to name a few.  The house sold so fast and for so much greater then ask!”
“You exceeded my very high expectations…thank you again for everything!”

 -- F. V., April 2022

"We are first-time home-buyers and cannot thank Debby enough for her expert guidance during this process. From home tours to final closing day, Debby's extensive experience and resources were invaluable. She continued to advocate for us once our offer was accepted and made herself available for any issue that arose. We strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home to ensure your search and purchase goes as seamlessly and efficiently as ours!”

-- Tom and Naomi, December 2021

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We are delighted with the outcome.

“We had no idea how to start the process – and we are so grateful for your guidance and patience.

"Debby, you are a true professional.

“We are grateful to have you as our Realtor and friend.”

-- D. and J., November 2021

"A big official thank you, Debby, for all your help! Your thoroughness, handholding, proactiveness, professionalism, resources, contacts and more all were much appreciated!"

-- S. I., November 2021

“Even before signing the contract, we felt like Debby was working with us to present our home in the best light. She had pictures taken and didn’t miss a beat when we put off our desire to sell until the next season. She was thorough, thoughtful, and answered all of our questions through the contract and pre-sale process. Once we had our offers is where Debby really shone. She took the emotion out of the process, advised us the whole way through, and very successfully helped us navigate a multiple-offer situation.”

-- Stefanie C., September 2021

“They say that moving is one of the most challenging experiences in life, but it doesn’t have to be if Debby Belt is your Realtor. Even during a global pandemic, Debby made the process feel seamless and even enjoyable.  

“From the moment we started looking at homes, Debby’s calm, easy going manner made the process less stressful. She never once tried to influence our decision or pressure us to make an offer. Debby made it clear that we were never wasting her time no matter what our timeline was or how many homes we wanted to tour. Even if we wanted to look at a home that was not within our target area solely for the sake of comparison, she was always eager to accommodate us even though it was somewhat complicated to coordinate home tours during the time of Covid when everything was appointment only with limited access.

“When we did find our new home, Debby worked tirelessly to make sure that we not only got a fair price but that all points of negotiation were resolved fairly and as advantageously as possible.

“After our experience purchasing a new home with Debby, we couldn’t think of selling our home with anyone but Debby. During the sale of our home, her attention to detail made all the difference in how we marketed our home.  She worked diligently in advance of our showings so that there would be the absolute minimum disruption to our family. Throughout every inspection, meeting, and purchaser visit, Debby showed up promptly and was always pleasant and gracious.

“She understands that the process can be fraught with emotion and she does her best to alleviate any avoidable angst for her clients, from helping provide resources to being available 24/7. Even long after we have moved into our new home, she gladly has remained a resource to us at all times and she remembers critical information about our new home that even we have forgotten.

“We have a beautiful new home and the only part that is bittersweet is that we don’t get to see Debby as much as we would like.”

--  R. G. and A. L., September 2021

“We had the pleasure of working with Debby for a local move within Waban. Debby worked with us patiently for over 2 years to find a home that was perfect for us, while simultaneously preparing us to list our house once we found something. She never pushed a property, but when we found the house we wanted, she knew exactly how to present the most attractive offer. She knows the local market inside and out, which was helpful on both the buy side and the sell side. I cannot imagine buying in this competitive market without Debby's insight.  

“On the sell side, she managed multiple offers over asking price to find the best buyer.  Her tips on how to best present our house, such as taking photographs while outdoor landscaping was at its peak, helped maximize value on that transaction. We truly felt like we won on both the buy and the sell!”

 -- MH and JH, August 2021

“Debby was everything we could want in a real estate agent; knowledgeable, always available, and professional. She guided us in the sale of our home in which we had lived for 47 years. She knew the market and how to present our property for the greatest market impact. Our house sold in 5 days, and over-asking!

“Her list of resources, be it an attorney, electrician, painter, or someone to haul away our unwanted things eased our transition.”

-- Linda and Richard P., August 2021

“I am so glad that you agreed to represent my mom in the sale of her Chestnut Hill condo.  I was aware that you were a top selling Realtor and knew first-hand how incredibly organized you are from your days as Angier PTO President, but what I didn’t fully understand was how your kindness would make what could have been an awful process as stress free as possible.  Having just lost my father, and for my mom, her husband, we were taking a step that for all of my mom’s married life, my dad would have handled.   You took the time to make my mom feel comfortable with you (I already was), you patiently explained all market considerations when listing the property and negotiating offer, and you always addressed the emotional side of the transaction, so that my mom felt good.  You were also masterful at navigating a mother daughter relationship when having to deal with both my mom and me, which is no easy feat!

“Now for the details.  The market research you did was comprehensive.  Your advice how to prepare and stage the condo for the sale were spot on.  Your referrals for completing the work were ALL exceptional.  The marketing materials you prepared for the sale were professional and put the best light on the condo.  And your negotiating skills were just the right touch to get the deal done.  And finally, you never rested until the closing.  You paid attention to every detail, you communicated with us constantly, and you sent us written instructions every step of the sale up, until the closing, which kept us organized.  In a word, you were AMAZING.

“Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness.  I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone I know looking to buy or sell in the Newton area!”

-- Jen, June 2021

"We are very grateful to have engaged Debby in our search for a home for our young family. Debby was incredibly responsive to any question and made herself available to join us with every listing we wanted to see. In this extremely competitive environment for buyers, Debby guided us with honest and helpful insights. Her expertise was so critical as we were looking at homes for the first time and didn't know exactly what we were looking for. Debby did not pressure us at any point and walked us through every detail and educated us on how to make thoughtful offers. We ultimately had an offer accepted on a home that we are very excited about and feel confident that our purchase price was appropriate -- and Debby was there every step of the way. 

“Debby has a vast network of bankers, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, and more that she introduced us to during the closing process. We continue to be in touch with Debby as she is a phenomenal resource and even better person! Thank you, Debby, we look forward to seeing you around Town!"

-- Vadim & Emily, November 2020

“Our experience working with Debby was extraordinary!  We lived in our home for over 25 years and Debby provided patient, non-pressured perspective leading up to our decision to sell.  Once we gave her the green light to list our home she was incredibly proactive at every stage: She helped us see our home as buyers would so that we could get ahead of enhancing both its strengths and weaknesses; she provided concrete advice and referrals in connection with cleaning up and getting our house ready for sale; she thoughtfully and carefully prepared comps and walked us through the various strategic and tactical considerations of pricing - yet let us establish an asking price with which we could feel comfortable; she staged the house in a manner that would present the ‘story’ of the home; she aggressively pre-marketed our home to her wide and deep network of agents, developers, and buyers; she held our hand through the tense offer/acceptance stage; she monitored the legal and financial services aspects of the sale so that no time would be wasted prior to closing; and she kept us, the buyers, and the other professionals involved calm, cooperative, friendly, and measured.  

“Her work was a tour de force, and her high character, integrity, and honesty were evident in every aspect of the sale.  We are, and will forever be, incredibly grateful to Debby and offer our unqualified and highest recommendation.”

  -- Michael and Amy., October 2020

“Debby Belt is the talented professional you will want to navigate through the complex labyrinth of a real estate transaction. She is an expert on the real estate market and an excellent negotiator. She employs her keen intellect to craft a thoughtful transaction that meets her clients' needs. Debby is also a fantastic person - charming, friendly, and kind. She is meticulous and extraordinarily attentive to detail. Debby keeps all of the trains on track and smooths over bumps in the road with unparalleled patience. Her expertise, competence, and intelligence will make any real estate transaction a pleasure.”

-- Kate B., July 2020

“We had the pleasure of working with Debby Belt on a recent home purchase. Our experience was excellent. During the process, Debby was always responsive. Her knowledge of the market is solid. Debby offers great counsel and works extremely hard to make the process less stressful for her buyers. She also brings in terrific partners who worked together seamlessly (lawyers, banker, inspectors). Lastly, even when the transaction completed, Debby stayed in touch to offer her support on anything we might need. All in all, we'd highly recommend working with Debby.”

-- Jeff and Robin G., June 2020

"We cannot say enough great things about our experience working with Debby.  Throughout the process she provided clear and consistent advice. Debby was always accessible to answer our questions.  Her knowledge and expertise was invaluable in preparing our house to list and ultimately leading to a successful sale. Working with Debby was our best decision in selling our home!"

-- Jerry D., May 2020

“Wow.  You all are the A-Team as far as I am concerned.  I so appreciate everything you did to make this happen under dire circumstances.  I will sing your praises to anyone who is looking for a wonderful and incredible real estate agent.”

-- Gretchen F., March 2020

“We will always be so grateful that you guided our process of selling our home with unerring effectiveness and professionalism.

“You either resolved every issue that arose on your own (in consultation with us), or knew who to contact. 

“The result was an offer that we accepted within the first week that the house was on the market.

“Not only was this satisfying and relieving in its own right, but the speed of closure meant that we did not have to be trying to sell it during uncertainties.”

-- Reichi and Bill T., March 2020

“Working with Debby was an absolute pleasure. As we were out of country clients, Debby solved so many issues for us. It was an estate sale with an ambitious timeline. Debby provided total support, sharing her contacts and arranging to get the house ready for sale in a timely manner. She gave us great advice on when to put the property on the market, pricing, staging, and so much more. We saw and appreciated all the extra work put in. Debby always kept us up-to-date on the progress of our sale and we knew she had everything under control. No one works harder than Debby. You will never find a more knowledgeable, genuine, professional, kind-hearted and competent Realtor. Thank you, Debby!”

--- Paul and Nancy B., February 2020

“True professional integrity and a genuine wish to help the client are hard to come by qualities.  Especially together and especially in the real estate world.  Debby has them both in abundance.  We had the fortune to work with Debby in the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new home. Throughout the process, Debby was extremely responsive and made herself available 24/7 at all times. Debby is highly strategic, and always ten steps ahead of everyone else in the game. She is remarkably resourceful and can work within multiple constrains to get the best possible deal, both for sellers and buyers.  We couldn’t be happier with the results. If this was not enough, Debby’s network is impressive- she has access to the best professionals in all the relevant areas- from real estate lawyers, to painters and gardeners through inspectors and pest exterminators, and even babysitters! Her access and visibility helped us streamline the sale and purchase of our properties, and simplify processes that could have been much more complicated.  

“We can’t praise Debby highly enough, and had she not done such an outstanding job in helping us find our current home (which we hope to keep for many years!), we would be certainly working with her again.”

-- Laura L., October 2019 

“Debby, your experience and smarts helped this nervous seller through the wrenching process of selling a family home. From the beginning you told me to ‘listen to the market’ and not to my dreams.  You were right, as always.

“You brought to this sale so much more than I expected: an intimate knowledge of the neighborhood, a creative approach to problem solving, a long list of proven contractors, a gentle, generous spirit, and a steady hand on the wheel. Thank you, thank you for all your help and seeing every detail through to the close—which was today.”

-- Rebecca M., October 2019

"In early 2019, we asked Debby to assist us in looking at condos, as we're empty nesters who were looking to downsize.   She accompanied us on showings and in advance of each showing she comprehensively briefed us on the positive and negative attributes of each.  During the showings she pointed out issues and asked questions of the listing broker that we would never think to ask.  Not for one moment did she push or prod us to buy anything that we saw.  And when we expressed interest in a particular property, she was quick to provide us with a market analysis as well as her objective, data-driven recommendations.

“We eventually made an offer on a unit and she vigorously negotiated on your behalf.  After the offer was accepted, and after we let her know of our vision to make improvements to the unit, she immediately provided us with names from her stable of painters, electricians and others.

“When things went awry on the eve of the closing, she calmly eased us through the crisis.  And even after the closing, when the air conditioning system, dishwasher and hot water heater were not functioning correctly and when other agents would have pocketed their commission and walked away, she remained in contact with the listing broker and was resolute in wanting to resolve the problems and to make us happy.  And she did.

“Debby's credo, voiced many times to us, is ‘I will not rest until you're happy.’  She practices what she preaches. It's not optional for you to have Debby in your camp; it's actually essential if you want to feel as if your interests are being protected basically 24/7."

-- Alan F., October 2019

“My experience with Debby Belt was fantastic! She listened to me and understood my priorities to find my dream house. She was available at any time to visit houses and to advise me honestly based on my priorities. Although she was highly committed to find my dream house, she remained very patient when it was time for me to decide. As it was my first house hunting and purchase on my own, she educated me fully. I was very happy with the lender and the lawyer she recommended. In summary, my interaction with Debby was extremely pleasant and very efficient. I highly recommend her as your real estate agent!”

-- Valerie G., September 2019

“My husband and I used Debby to buy and sell homes in Waban last spring -- and she was an excellent partner in our process. During what can be a very stressful and emotional process — especially in a hot market—Debby was incredibly strategic, insightful, hardworking, and fast-paced. When our perfect house came on the market, she calmly walked us through the bidding war, helped us to line up pre-inspection inspectors and mortgage lenders so we can learn more— without pushing us out of our comfort zone. 

“I found Debby to be incredibly organized and thorough. She had a photographer ready to take exterior photos months before we put our home on the market – just to avoid snowy dreary front-of-home shots. And once we were ready to sell, she put us on a tight timeline and had friends and helpers come by to strategize our list price and provide staging support. We ended up getting 18 offers, which Debby helped us navigate, with the goal of accepting the most secure and lucrative offer possible.

“As a couple who has sold two homes FSBO and may have doubted the value of using an agent, we feel we could not have managed this home buying and selling process without someone as organized and hard-working as Debby. She not only helped us find our dream home, she was integral in handling the contracts and closing conflicts when selling our old house.  We were so relieved to have her by our side.”

-- Katie B., March 2019

“By the way, we clearly made the right choice continuing to work with you on the sale of our home.  Thank you for all you’ve done to make this a great experience for everyone.”

-- S. H., February 2019

“We have so many things to thank you for. To start, your patience from the very beginning. You listened to our general ideas about a house and then our opinions on each and every house we toured. You never pushed and made us feel comfortable about our decision to keep looking. It continued to become clear to us that you truly had our best interests in mind. When we finally found our home it really felt like you were part of the team in making this decision.

“Your knowledge, guidance, and assistance throughout the home-buying process was so very appreciated."

-- R. and J., December 2018

"Debby was phenomenal during every step of our home-buying process.  From helping us identify houses that met our needs, to crafting a competitive offer, to negotiating through a challenging deal, Debby made it happen at every turn. Debby knows what it takes to stand out in this highly competitive market. She is responsive, reliable, and totally devoted to her clients. 

“In addition, Debby went above and beyond in helping us arrange and carry out all the details involved in getting our new house ready.  And Debby’s commitment to her clients does not end when the contract is signed. Several months later, Debby is always there to answer questions and provide support.  This was the best real estate experience we have had and we will never buy or sell another house without Debby!"

-- Amy L., November 2018

“After interviewing a number of real estate agents, I decided that Debby seemed the perfect fit both for the sale of my house and most important, for me. She exuded enthusiasm for my family home, which had been where my children had grown up and we’d lived in for over 35 years. She saw all the aspects of the house that made it so special: its charm, its uniqueness and its salability. “”

“Debby is also a very amenable person, believing in listening to me, her client, and keeping in mind what’s important to me during this process. She had many suggestions on how to best get the house ready, and had invaluable resources that made it easy. 

“Debby is extremely detail-oriented and made the whole process almost painless. She managed all aspects of the sale and offered her knowledge whenever needed. I would recommend her (and have already) to anyone thinking about selling their home (or buying one).”

-- Stephanie M., June 2018

“Debby is the consummate professional. While she is warm, sensitive and relatable, she is also intelligent, intuitive, knowledgeable, adept and a fierce guardian of her clients' interests.  For all of those reasons, she made the sale of our family home of 25 years as smooth, and rewarding, as it could be. Debby knows the market better than anyone we spoke with and has an unparalleled network of colleagues and service providers to help every step of the way. She was an outstanding marketer and negotiator, stirring up interest and helping us to receive six offers over asking price within a day.

“While our sale went flawlessly and at a price higher than we imagined, I am particularly grateful for Debby's character, persistence, and grace in a position where it is often challenging to maintain one's character and cool. We are truly grateful to Debby and recommend her without reservation. It was a privilege to work with her.”

-- J. and T., May 2018

“My wife and I worked with Debby for over a year, searching for a property meeting our specific needs at an affordable price.  We were somewhat specific and inflexible on several property requirements, but Debby did persevere, ultimately identifying a property under construction, meeting our specific criteria.  That said, she did what was required to get the P&S completed with the sale planned for the following year, but that is not the end of the story.

“The property we agreed to purchase was a being built by a developer with a very inflexible posture. After the P&S was signed, on more than one occasion, the seller wanted to back out of the sale, offering a full deposit refund. We believe the value of the property had increased as demand was high.  Debby persisted to complete this sale, working between the developer and us, doing more than should be expected, to maintain the sale. She earned her commission, but her manner was more about maintaining commitments and integrity. 

“Debby demonstrated commitment to protect our interests us as buyers and I do recommend her to prospective buyers.”

-- Marvin F., December 2017

“Debby Belt got multiple offers on our Newton home the first day it was on the market and sold the house for above our ambitious asking price of close to $2 million. We had already moved across the country when our house went on the market and Debby knew we wanted a quick sale and top dollar. Debby got us both.  Her thorough market knowledge — she knew and had been in every current and past comparable house in our area —  gave her the nuanced understanding of the subtleties of pricing that enabled us to understand the current market value of the house.  And she got that price for us by putting in an enormous amount of work prior to the house going on the market. 

“Debby identified some work that needed to be done on our house in order to get top dollar, and she had relationships with a wide variety of excellent and trusted resources to get that work done. We were on sabbatical — and our house was occupied by renters —  and Debby coordinated with the renters and hired and supervised the contractors and a stager, whom she wisely recommended, as our house was empty after the renters moved out.  Her efforts were totally beyond anything we had expected and they made all the difference.

“Debby was very savvy about marketing the house and she began talking up the house and building up demand even before it went on the market.  She had multiple showings lined up for the day our house hit the market, which led to an immediate above-asking sale.  
“Debby is very service oriented and was incredibly good at communicating with us, which was a challenge as we were often out of cell range in national parks. Given our circumstances — being first-time home sellers, having been away for a year, having already bought a new home across the country, and having a house just beyond the most popular price range — selling our house could have been very stressful. But Debby’s knowledge, guidance, perseverance, excellent communication and service-orientation made the whole process relatively painless.”

--Adrienne F., December 2017

"We chose Debby to represent us for our first condo purchase because of her experience dealing with new construction. It certainly paid off. We had to overcome a number of major hurdles to complete the transaction and Debby was always completely straightforward, helpful and on top of the details. Without her experience, we would have probably ended up without a home or in a difficult financial situation. We would definitely recommend Debby as a reliable, honest and knowledgeable broker.”

-- Megan K. and Eric D., November 2017

"Thank you, Debby!  We greatly appreciate all that you did to expedite and maximize the value of our home sale.  You went above and beyond what we expected any broker to have done for us.”

--Allen, October 2017

“Debby is ethical and smart and very resourceful and had a network of people to help with our downsizing and the sale of our house and move to a new property seamlessly. She provided subcontractors and listened to the dynamics of us as a couple and diplomatically found us a perfect place to live.”

-- Jill C. and Michael S., October 2017

“We knew Debby in the community for years and reached out to her after a year of empty nesting. We wanted to be prepared to down-size, eventually. Little did we know that we would find the property of our dreams and be thrown into a 12-week roller coaster ride of selling and buying homes. Debby represented us on both the sale and purchase, which was wrought with challenges, and I can honestly say that we would not own our dream property without Debby’s intelligence, knowledge, connections, attention to detail and tenacity. There was rarely a moment when she did not make herself available giving our interests top priority. We unequivocally recommend Debby Belt.”

-- Andrea and David W., June 2017

“Debby casually mentioned that she takes a ‘maternalistic’ approach when working with clients, and I felt so taken care of and represented by that mama bear Realtor! Debby has her finger on the pulse of the nuanced Newton real estate markets, is easily accessible and available for questions big or small, and she gets the job done. I could not have been happier than with how Debby shepherded me through what can be a very stressful experience of searching for a new home.”

-- LCF, June 2017

“Debby represented my sister and me during a complicated condominium sale upon the death of our Dad. Debby was professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive during a difficult time. She has a sense of urgency that resulted in a quick and profitable sale. I would highly recommend Debby as a real estate representative.”

-- Annie P., January 2017

"Moving was a terrifying idea to me after a blissful 35 years in my house.  I called Hammond because they sold the most homes in my area.  When I first met with Debby she came with a sales plan, complete with all the homes that would compete with mine and histories of homes sold like mine.  She mapped out a flexible sales strategy that made sense.

“She was honest, objective, professional and enthusiastic.  I sold my house in a matter of weeks.”

-- L S., August 2016

“We were very happy with your service and the final result.  We were also particularly happy with your calm and sensibility.  Buying and selling a house is a big deal and it was nice having someone working with us who was unflappable and patient with us and our particular flow.  I know we changed strategies with you several times (wait until spring, no don't wait, yes wait) and you provided appropriate feedback and consultation without pushing or demanding that we conform to a cookie cutter plan.”

-- John K., July 2016

“We could not have been happier with Debby Belt as our agent when we moved to Newton from Connecticut.  She educated us about the market, was extremely attentive to details, listened to our likes and dislikes and negotiated the best price for the home that we finally bought.  Last but not least, she has been extremely helpful since moving in with recommendations from dry cleaners to gyms in town.  We highly recommend her and will not hesitate to use her again when the time comes time to sell our house in Newton.”

-- Patty D., April 2016

In the past three months I have successfully sold my home and moved into a new condominium at the Belclare in Wellesley. Debby Belt represented us in the sale of our home and was our Realtor for the purchase of condo.  Besides being a delight to work with, she is very competent.  She enabled us to get an excellent price for our home and was enormously helpful in negotiating on behalf of our new purchase. She couldn't have been more helpful as far as representing my interests and advocating for me at my new condo. She facilitated a very smooth move into it.  Debby goes above and beyond what a Realtor does for her clients.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.  In fact I have already referred many new clients to her.”

-- M. F., November 2015 

“My husband and I just closed on our house of 42 years.  Our Hammond real estate agent, Debby Belt, couldn’t have done a better job.  When we first gave her the listing until the closing, she was always trying to make the process work for us.  She is cheery, very efficient, smart and knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate.  No one could have done a better job.  I would be very happy to recommend Debby -- she was a joy to work with.”

-- M. H., September 2015

“Debby was very responsive.  She was always available to answer all of our questions, and she was proactive in guiding us regarding items that required attention.  Debby continues to be a resource to help us feel welcome in Newton and make connections with families who share our interests.”

-- Debbie and Josh F., August 2015

“As a first time home buyer I was nervous about the process, however Debby was attentive to my needs and walked me through every step. Despite an extremely competitive market she was able to get my offer accepted over nine others for the condo I wanted. I love my new home and cannot express enough how positive and painless my experience was working with Debby!”

-- Matthew S., August 2015

"Debby walked us through buying and selling our first home.  She was available to answer all of our questions and helped us identify what was most important to our family.  We were amazed how quickly she found us the perfect home and helped us settle in to our new community.”

-- Karin and Paul J., August 2015

"We had worked with many brokers in the Brookline/Newton area; none were as responsive as Debby. She makes it happen."

-- E. O. F., October 2013

"Debby is very thorough and has a lot of urgency for her clients. Very responsive and great follow through." 

-- Charity S., October 2013